Comfort Level Assessment

Getting there 
Did you find the site easily? 
There a drop-off point near the entrance? 
Is there any shade or shelter in the car park? 
How far is the parking area from the site ? 
If a member of the group wishes to wait while the others visit this site, is there anywhere nearby to wait in comfort either on or off site? 
At the ticket office 
Are staff helpful and courteous? 
What languages do they speak other than French? 
Is there a place to leave a pushchair, backpack etc ? 
During the visit 
Are the staff helpful? 
Is information given through: 
Are announcements, instructions and signs in any language other than French? 
Is a guided tour : 
What languages are the visits given in other than French? 
If you had a guide could you hear what she/he said? 
If you had a guide did you understand him/her? 
Are audio-guides/ interactive touch-pads provided? 
If so, in what languages other than French? 
Are they easy to use? 
Your comfort Level 
How much walking is there during the actual visit? 
Is the walking surface mainly: ( you may select more than one) 
Are there steps or steep inclines during the visit? 
Is seating available in the ticketing or waiting area? 
Is seating available during the visit? 
Is there provision for food and drink ? 
During the visit, is there shelter if it rains? 
Is there any shade if it’s hot? 
Toilet Facilities 
Are there separate toilets for men and women? 
Are the toilets clearly indicated? 
Level of Cleanliness 
Are they spacious enough to accommodate someone with a baby, small child or reduced mobility? 
Is there warm water? 
Baby Changing Facilities 
If you have a dog 
Can you bring it on site? 
Is there shade enough in the car park to be able to leave it in the car? 
Is there a water point for dogs? 

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